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黑超兔要給親愛的朋友們打氣,將這首歌送給:小飛飛 (puppy fifi)、mr cowcow、miss sheep、big snake、yellow submarine (fox)、jerlame and miss li。

to puppy fifi: you know life must go on no matter what happen, so be happy LA!

to mr cowcow: i am a 100% faithful safeguard regardless of my playful nature.

to miss sheep: you are smart enough to know how to protect yourself. if there’s sb “har" you, you have to shout “NO" loudly and tell the one who is trustworthy, e.g. mr cowcow.

to big snake: hard time will pass and good time is yet to come.

to fox: dunno what to say to you, CHEERS!

to jerlame: your exam will soon be over!

to miss li: dun treat yourself too harsh…

“nami nami nami nami, nami nami nami nami…"


工作並不怎樣困難,反而是如何面對及處置隨之而來的人事,對我來說卻是一個大難題。向來不合群,向來不喜三五成群的說三道四。東家長或西家短與我何干,可是你不加入他們,他們就認定你是與他們為敵。我不喜歡,所以我不幹,根本是行不通的。人際關係 (這裡那裡也好) 就是,有時候你要跟他們瞎扯胡說,有時候你又要學著他們說誰跟誰的是非,否則你休想他們對你好,也莫說給你任何幫助,他們不陷害你已是萬幸。



A boring day

hangyee wrote:

any reply from dress?

feifei wrote:

not yet ah.

I am so bored coz my boss didn’t assign anything for me to do but she is editing my report right now (the normal procedure is she give me hint or adivce and I am the one who should revise it), shxx ! I really wanna get out here.

hangyee wrote:

do you have class tonight?

i am bored to death with what i’m doing aar..sigh………

u get any tasks to kill time ma?

feifei wrote:

my task is waiting for your mail lor.
why dont we go out to kill each other tonight, how about Dress?
could u mind to call her and ask her out (if she is ok)

P.S. just complete my application form from CU (teaching assistant)

hangyee wrote:

oh, how honorable….
kill each other? good idea…but please, do it as fast as possible for less pain. i’ve asked miss sheep whether we can go to heaven if we kill each other…she guess we can cos it’s not suicide…how do you think?
i’ve called dress and it came the voice mail…i’ve left message and no calling back yet…

feifei wrote:

dont worry, I will watch the clip of the terrorist kill the US citizen as a reference
if we are going out tonight, I think i have to go home to pick up your ‘little map’ first.

feifei wrote:

I called Dress and she said she is not ok tonight (but ok for tmr)?
Should we postpone it to tmr or we can find a movie to watch?

P.S. although we are not killing ourselves but we kill somebody lor, is it violating the ‘law of killing’?

hangyee wrote:

sure. then tmr laa.
i see…can we ask the God to forgive both of us?