now playing: “陽光" from stereo radio/left — the pancakes

黑超兔要給親愛的朋友們打氣,將這首歌送給:小飛飛 (puppy fifi)、mr cowcow、miss sheep、big snake、yellow submarine (fox)、jerlame and miss li。

to puppy fifi: you know life must go on no matter what happen, so be happy LA!

to mr cowcow: i am a 100% faithful safeguard regardless of my playful nature.

to miss sheep: you are smart enough to know how to protect yourself. if there’s sb “har" you, you have to shout “NO" loudly and tell the one who is trustworthy, e.g. mr cowcow.

to big snake: hard time will pass and good time is yet to come.

to fox: dunno what to say to you, CHEERS!

to jerlame: your exam will soon be over!

to miss li: dun treat yourself too harsh…

“nami nami nami nami, nami nami nami nami…"


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