i 乜 i 物

ipod, itunes, iriver, ipamper, sony ericsson w800i, nokia 6230i…obviously, one thing seems to be trendy and hi-tech by adding an “i" to its name or model number.

but how about an email account? a friend uses “ihong" for her email account…the first thing come to my mind is that, how hi-tech she is…! i just wonder why she used the “i" this time as she often uses her chinese initial sy instead…

does anybody know when the “i" will be replaced for meaning trendy and hi-tech? can you think of another letter?


i tell myself that i am okay now.

2 thoughts on “

  1. You are not the only one who said so. I wish I could choose my account by myself.
    They only could give my pass, key, staff card a week after but not this email account. This emial account was the frist “gift" I received from this tomb. I miss my previous one when I was working in another tomb. So easy to remember….but now….."ihong"? What the hell is that?….
    Maybe living dead should have a weird name to make it even oddly……



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